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Stargazing March 2014

These are a few photos from our March 7th meeting. The skies cleared and most of the 40 members went into the car park to look through the two large goto telescopes we had set up. Members could look at the moon, Jupiter and an array of stars in the night sky.   Several newer […]

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Neil Booth Photo – Moon from Timperley

This is a photo of the moon that I took in December from Timperley using a Skywatcher Equinox ED80, 2xBarlow giving 1000mm focal length and a Canon EOS600D on a Celestron CGEM mount. Photo copyright Neil Booth 2014 all rights reserved. For further details please contact ADAS webmaster

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Neil Booth Photo M45 Seven Sisters from Timperley

This is a photograph taken on Monday 3rd March 2014 by local Astro-photographer Neil Booth.  M45 from Timperley before it went cloudy. Combined exposure time of 46 minutes. Should point out that it’s not cloud in the picture but blue reflection nebulosity from a cloud of dust passing infront of the cluster. Technical details: Total […]

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Reinventing Space Flight

This video and text about re-inventing space flight comes from SpaceRip. Lots more of their interesting video content on Youtube. Follow Dr. Ben Longmier and his team into the rugged Alaskan wilderness on a quest to build a whole new type of rocket engine. Their goal is to test sensitive components by launching them into […]

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Stargazing in 2014 – A month by month diary

This week we had a very informative talk by Rickard Bullock about the astronomical happenings in 2014. Richard takes us month by month through the things we should be looking for in the night sky to get the best from our stargazing.     If you are interested in learning more about astronomy or stargazing […]

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Moon photos from Cheshire

  These shots were taken on 11 December 2013 at 5:45pm through my 4” telescope with a Polaroid i733 digital camera and touched up with Windows live photo gallery. Photos courtesy of Ged Birbeck, ADAS member.   This does show what you can do with fairly basic equipment. If you want to learn how to […]

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Sagittarius Star Cloud – Member Photo

This photograph of the Sagittarius Star Cloud was taken by Colin Henshaw in Saudi Arabia. He used 30sec exposure -1600ASA-135mm Telephoto lens f3.5-2 We have deliberately kept this image at full resolution. If you click on the image you can view it full size which is amazing to say the least. If you are interested […]

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Altrincham Astronomy Society at Jodrell Bank

On Saturday 16th November several members of the Society attended the Jodrell Bank Astronomy Event. The evening began with a talk by Professor Jamie Gilmour about the make up of the universe, the physical difference between Comets and Asteroids what the planets are made of and how they came about.     Following the talk, […]

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Moon over Lymm – Member photo

Gerald Birbeck This picture was taken by me last year in Agden, Lymm using a 4″ reflector with a 25mm wide eyepiece. I put my small Polaroid i733 digital camera with a 7mp lens up to the eye piece and took the shot. It shows what can be done by amateurs with fairly basic equipment.

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Gegenschien – Glowing spot in the sky – Member photo

The image below is of the Gegenschein taken with my 28mm wide angle lens with a 59s exposure on November 1st., from a dark site outside Tabuk, Saudi Arabia. I confirmed that it was not a vignetting effect in the lens by taking another image with it offset from the centre, towards the left of […]

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