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Sagittarius Star Cloud – Member Photo

This photograph of the Sagittarius Star Cloud was taken by Colin Henshaw in Saudi Arabia. He used 30sec exposure -1600ASA-135mm Telephoto lens f3.5-2 We have deliberately kept this image at full resolution. If you click on the image you can view it full size which is amazing to say the least. If you are interested […]

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Build your own observatory

I was looking for some information on the design and manufacture of observatories. I came across some plans to build this observatory. Even though this is not a traditional dome roof observatory it does look like a good option. If you are handy with a saw and comfortable doing a spot of DIY there are […]

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Moon over Lymm – Member photo

Gerald Birbeck This picture was taken by me last year in Agden, Lymm using a 4″ reflector with a 25mm wide eyepiece. I put my small Polaroid i733 digital camera with a 7mp lens up to the eye piece and took the shot. It shows what can be done by amateurs with fairly basic equipment.

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Gegenschien – Glowing spot in the sky – Member photo

The image below is of the Gegenschein taken with my 28mm wide angle lens with a 59s exposure on November 1st., from a dark site outside Tabuk, Saudi Arabia. I confirmed that it was not a vignetting effect in the lens by taking another image with it offset from the centre, towards the left of […]

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The Appulse of Delta Geminorum – Member photo

The Appulse of Delta Geminorum by Jupiter was observed on October 5th. I was taking images of NQ Geminorum at the time, which I normally do by pointing the camera between Delta Gem and Pollux. NQ Gem is about half way between the two stars. However this time I could not find Delta Gem, and […]

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Partial Eclipse – Member photographs

These stunning photographs were taken by Colin Henshaw who lives in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia, on November 3rd., 2013, where the eclipse was partial.  

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Lucianne Walkowicz: Finding planets around other stars

How do we find planets — even habitable planets — around other stars? By looking for tiny dimming as a planet passes in front of its sun, TED Fellow Lucianne Walkowicz and the Kepler mission have found some 1,200 potential new planetary systems. With new techniques, they may even find ones with the right conditions […]

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