Diary of meetings

At each meeting of the society we try to have an event such as a sky viewing, show and tell, what’s visible at the present time or a presentation from a guest speaker. The speakers may be from within ADAS or often they are invited guest speakers from other societies or astronomy related establishments such as local Universities.

Here is a list of the events for the 2018/19 year:

7th September 2018

AGM followed by:

Speaker: Richard Bullock (ADAS member)

Subject: “The Outer Planets: Uranus and Neptune”

Minutes from 7th Sept

5th October 2018

Speaker: Chris Suddick, (ADAS member)

Subject… “Pioneering the Voyage to New Horizons”


2nd November 2018

Speaker: Professor Lucio Piccirillo, Jodrell Bank

Subject…”The origin of the universe – from microphysics to macrophysics”

Minutes from both October and November meetings

7th December 2018

Speaker:   Prof Jamie Gilmour, University of Manchester

Subject… “Meteorites and the Early Solar System”  


4th January 2019

Speaker: Dr Steve Barrett

Subject … “The Great Moon Hoax”


1st February 2019

Speaker: Prof Ian Morison

Subject … “Are We Alone?”


1st March 2019


Subject … “”


5th April 2019


Subject … “”


3rd May 2019


Subject … “”


7t June 2019


Subject … “