New Deal for non-members:

If you can’t attend all of the meetings during the year you might not want a full membership. From this year you can pay-as-you-go to attend all of our meetings. The cost is £3 which is payable on the night.

Diary of meetings

At each meeting of the society we have an event such as sky viewing, show and tell, what’s visible at the present time or a presentation from a guest speaker. The speakers may be from within ADAS or they are invited guest speakers from other societies or astronomy related establishments.

Here is a list of the events for the 2018/19 year:

7th September 2018

AGM followed by:

Speaker: Richard Bullock (ADAS)

Subject: “The Outer Planets: Uranus and Neptune”

Minutes from 7th Sept

5th October 2018

Speaker: Chris Suddick, ADAS

Subject… “Pioneering the Voyage to New Horizons”


2nd November 2018

Speaker: Professor Lucio Piccirillo, Jodrell Bank



7th December 2018

Speaker:   Prof Jamie Gilmour, University of Manchester

Subject… “Meteorites and the Early Solar System”  


4th January 2019

Speaker: Dr Steve Barrett

Subject … “The Great Moon Hoax”


1st February 2019

Speaker: Prof Ian Morison

Subject … “Are We Alone?”


1st March 2019


Subject … “”


5th April 2019


Subject … “”


3rd May 2019


Subject … “”


7t June 2019


Subject … “