Useful Websites

Hubble Heritage Project Hubble Site
British Astronomical Association BAA Site
The Sky at Night (BBC)
BBC Sky at Night Website

Useful Software

Cartes du Ciel ( Sky Charts) Sky chart
Stellarium Sky Chart
Virtual Moon Atlas
Moon Chart

Europe Sites

ESA The European Space Agency: latest satellite applications news.
UK Space Agency Comprehensive information about UK civil space activity.
Surrey Satellite
Technology Ltd
UK leader in small/micro satellite technology and manufacturing.


SSEC Space Science and Engineering Center, University of Wisconsin.
Space Daily Space News From Earth And Beyond.
Space Imaging High Resolution Imagery, Earth Imagery & Geospatial Services.
Space Weather News and information about the Sun, solar flares, auroras, meteor showers and Near-Earth asteroids.
SOHO Realtime and archival images of the Sun.
Current Solar Images A gallery of up-to-date solar pictures from the National Solar Data Analysis Center at the Goddard Space Flight Center.
Atmospheric Optics The first place to look for information about sundogs, pillars, rainbows and related phenomena.
Heavens Above Comprehensive and informative site giving satellite/astronomy predictions and charts, including those for ISS and Shuttle missions.


NASA NASA Home page
Cassini Latest Images from the Cassini-Huygens mission.
Mars Rovers home Page Latest images from the red planet.

Russian Links

SMIS Home Page Space Monitoring Information Support laboratory.
SPUTNIK home page Information about Russian Earth observing satellites.