ISS (International Space Station) Viewing

There are some very favourable passes over the next few days which you might want to check out here:

For those of you less familiar to this type of resource you will notice a box on the right hand side at the top that says ‘Your location’. Click ‘change location’ and drag the map until it is over the UK. Then double click on the map and type ‘Altrincham’ where it says ‘Enter Location Here’. Do have a look into the night sky outside. It’s only in the sky for between 42 seconds and 6.5 minutes so you’ll have to be quick.

One of the reasons why we can see this amazing construction from earth is that it is so huge. Have a look at this video as one of the astronauts shows us round. Keep an eye out for a speed limit sign at 4.27 minutes into the video. Speed Limit: 17500mph

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