Comet ISON from Saudi Arabia

Over the last two nights I managed to image Comet ISON C2012 S1 .




IMG_8847-ISON-20-11-2013-03.07UT-1s-1600ASA-135mmTF-1Like Comet Lovejoy it also appeared greenish, though not as intense. It was the green colour that confirmed the comet on the first night. Certainly bright as comets go, but about twenty mag fainter than the wildest guesstimates that were bandied around after it was discovered. It was located between Spica and Mercury and was substantially fainter than both, at around 2m.0 at the brightest. Like Comet Lovejoy it displayed a faint tail this morning, confirming my suspicions of a tail the previous morning. Through binoculars it was not impressive – a faint fuzzy blob with the suggestion of a tail. However, at least I have seen it. Will it brighten up? That remains to be seen. I may still put on a good show, but comet predictions have a poor track record, to wit Kohoutek in 1974, so one remains hopeful. I just have to get up every morning now to find out.

Photos and text by Colin Henshaw

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