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Rosetta Space Probe

We need someone to write 300-500 words about the Rosetta Mission to go with this excellent example of film making. Could that be you??? Just get in touch using the box on the right or email the webmaster here:  

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Meteor over Bangkok

Meteors and “Shooting Stars” Meteors are most often seen as a very brief streak of light in the night sky. They typically occur and disappear so quickly that you wonder if you actually saw them. These streaks of light are commonly called “shooting stars” or “falling stars”. Although they are most often seen at night, […]

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Comet Lovejoy viewed from Saudi Arabia

Comet  Lovejoy, C2013 R1, is quite a nice gassy comet with a short tail. It  appeared green through the presence of ionised oxygen. Photos and text by Colin Henshaw

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Comet ISON from Saudi Arabia

Over the last two nights I managed to image Comet ISON C2012 S1 .     Like Comet Lovejoy it also appeared greenish, though not as intense. It was the green colour that confirmed the comet on the first night. Certainly bright as comets go, but about twenty mag fainter than the wildest guesstimates that […]

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