Interested in astronomy?

You may have bought a telescope recently or had one in the attic for a long time but never really used it.   Your kids may be getting interested in Astronomy from school and you want to encourage it.  Whatever your background, ADAS is here to help you to progress in this rewarding hobby.

The best thing to do is to contact ADAS using our  Contact Form and then plan to come to one of our monthly meetings. We’re a friendly group who will help you by suggesting resources, equipment and you are welcome to stay and listen to one of our talks or presentations.  You can also “like us” on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

We have started to design a number of introductions to astronomy which can be viewed in power point or pdf.  We are releasing this  as ‘work in progress’ to get a feel for how useful people may find it. If you do have any comments about where the guide isn’t clear, or too complex or you want it to include something else please get in touch with us using the email or by contacting Peter Baugh by clicking here.

These guides can be downloaded in Powerpoint or PDF format:

ADAS Guide to Telescope Instrumentation and Operation”  PPT or PDF pdf

*NEW*  “ADAS Guide to choosing the right TelescopePPT  or PDF pdf

*NEW*ADAS Guide to using eyepiecesPPT  or PDF pdf

*NEW*ADAS Guide to Instruments for viewing the night skyPPT or PDF pdf

For those of you who want some basic information we have assembled some video resources to help you to get a basic knowledge of astronomy. Remember that there is an amazing amount of information on our blog.

In the society we do have some telescopes available on loan and there are star gazing nights where you could come along and look through some of the telescopes and talk to their owners. One of the first things people want to do when they start looking at the stars is to buy a telescope. Here’s a short video by the BBC Sky at Night Magazine explaining a little more about what is on offer.

One of the best ways to find you way round the night sky is to learn the constellations. Here is a short video showing those you may see from the perspective of Northern Europe. Remember that if you visit Australia the night sky will look different. Have a look at our blog for a post about Stellarium. It’s a free piece of software that you can load onto laptops, tablets and even phones. Android and IOS versions are available. It has a great function where you can see all the constellations. Here’s a video showing you the constellations.

There are some great video resources on You Tube and other sites. Here’s one that explains the basics of astronomy. The software they refer to is Stellarium. Remember that any books will probably be available from the local library or contact us as we may have a copy available for you to borrow. In the future we will have some book recommendations with direct links to Amazon which benefits the society as for each purchase you make the society gets a donation.

Of course stars aren’t the only thing you might like to look at. You can get a good view of some of the solar systems planets. This first video gives you some great images of the planets in the solar system. The second video is a much longer and in depth video about the solar system.


Please do get in touch with us and arrange to visit one of our meetings and presentations or star gazing nights.