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I'm a former chairman and secretary of the society and the current meetings secretary. I have only half the number of heads and two-thirds the number of arms of the part time galactic president, Zaphod Beeblebrox, but I do have twice the charm.

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Auroral Storm

There is a G3 category aurora (visible to the south of England) predicted this evening, dropping to G2 (visible to the Midlands) by midnight. Unfortunately, with the very long evenings and constant light to the north, it may well drown out everything. Still, it might be worth a butcher’s tonight.

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Rosetta lands on Wednesday

The Rosetta mission is nearing its climax now and the lander, Philae, is to detach from the main craft at 8.35UT on Wednesday 12th November. The lander will touch down on the surface of the comet about seven hours later. This can be viewed in realtime on the web. There are more details on the […]

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The Vernal Equinox

Well goodbye Winter and hello Spring. From an astronomical viewpoint, today is the first day of Spring. At 4:57pm (16:57UTC) the sun will cross the celestial equator and, for the next 6 months, shine more on the northern hemisphere than on the southern hemisphere. This happens each year on March 20th or March 21st; it […]

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ISS (International Space Station) Viewing

There are some very favourable passes over the next few days which you might want to check out here: http://iss.astroviewer.net/observation.php. For those of you less familiar to this type of resource you will notice a box on the right hand side at the top that says ‘Your location’. Click ‘change location’ and drag the map until […]

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