Andromeda Galaxy

Taken on Monday 3rd December 2018 from my home in Timperley, Manchester.

This was my longest exposure of an image to date with 24 x 3 minute frames in B/W plus 1 x 3 minute red,green and blue.   All combined to give a single colour image of 81 minutes exposure.


  • Skywatcher HEQ5 mount
  • William Optics 81mm APO Triplet Refractor
  • ATIK 314L+ B/W camera
  • Starlight Express Mechanical filter wheel with Clear,Red,Green and Blue filters
  • QHY5 camera attached to finder for guiding


  • Astroart 6.0   to take pictures and control the filter wheel and combine the individual frames
  • PHD2 for guiding


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